Born2Bond™ Flex

Born2Bond™ Flex

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Flexo-elastic, two-part, instant adhesive

Born2Bond Flex is a patent-pending, flexible, elastic and low-odor instant adhesive with exceptional adhesion to a very broad range of materials and surfaces. It becomes a polymer (hardens) with more than 200% elongation with a working time (in mixer) of up to six minutes. It can be used for high-volumetric gap filling, achieving instant adhesion to most plastics, woods and metals as well as to porous and irregular surfaces. It doesn’t carry any hazard label (not even irritant according to CLP classification).

  • Flexible & Elastic
  • Gap Filling
  • Low Bloom
  • Low-odor Technology
  • Multi-substrate Adhesion
  • Precision


  • Fixture time in 60 seconds
  • Hardens in 5-10 minutes
  • Elongation > 200%
  • Absorbs impacts and vibrations
  • High peel strength
  • Bonds a large range of materials
  • Transparent, low odor, low blooming
  • Gel consistency for precise application
  • Non-sagging for vertical applications

Typical Applications

  • Leather bonding for luxury clothing
  • Sealing repair
  • Elastic seam and joint sealing
  • Flooring and panel bonding
  • Vibration dampening

Product Specification

BASE Methoxyethyl Cyanoacrylate


Part A: 120,000 to 170,000
Part B: 70,000 to 130,000
OPEN TIME 6 to 10 min


60 seconds
Mild Steel
10 MPa
APPEARANCE Transparent


-40ºC to 60ºC




Syringes: 10g, 50g

Directions for use

  1. Before applying Born2Bond Flex, make sure the surface is clean, dry and grease-free.
  2. To use, Part A and Part B must be blended. → Product can be applied directly from the syringe using the plunger supplied and dispensed through the recommended mixing nozzle.
  3. Hold the syringe upright and insert the plunger. → While keeping the syringe in an upright position, remove the cap, attach the mixing nozzle, and begin dispensing the adhesive upward until any bubbles present in the smaller component have been removed.
  4. Dispense and discard a bead as long as the mixing nozzle, to ensure sufficient mixing.

Here more information regarding Born2Bond™ Flex.

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