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Merbenit - High quality SMP adhesives and sealants for industrial processing

As the first European company, merz+benteli ag developed and produced in 1986 a permanently elastic sealant based on 1K-MS-hybrid polymer. This modern sealant and adhesive on base of Kaneka MS Polymer is silicone free and contains neither isocyanates nor solvents.

Merbenit Adhesives and Sealants are successfully used for various uses in the construction area and in the industry, especially in the transport, vehicle, container and ship construction.

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We have direct access to world class specialty chemicals brands and a strong European and local market presence. Our technical experts will find the best solution for your application. 

Why Merbenit™?

SMP adhesives and sealants are environmentally friendly and free of solvents and isocyanates. Essentially they combine the mechanical properties of polyurethanes with the weather resistance of silicones and represent the latest generation of high performance adhesives and sealants.


SMP adhesives and sealants are particularly useful for applications where their characteristics and excellent adhesion provide long-term use without significant changes in properties. Typical applications are the manufacture and repair of vehicles, trailers and containers, buses, recreational vehicles, train cars, caravans, refrigerated trucks, metal construction, construction of boats and yachts, etc.


Merbenit SMP adhesives and sealants offer a wide range of physical properties. They withstand the strictest requirements for high performance joints and elasticity under severe aging and weather conditions under UV rays. After 24 hours the SMP can be sanded and painted with most industrial paint or lacquer systems.
Merbenit products eliminate or minimize the pretreatment of the substrates, while guaranteeing optimal elongation and high properties of tensile strength, flexibility and resistance to tearing. SMP adhesives and sealants are unique for bond durability, modulus of elasticity and low temperature resistance.