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zip-chem chemical aviation products

Zip-Chem - Corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, surface preps & cleaners.

Zip-Chem, a leader in the manufacture of OEM and Mil-spec approved aviation chemicals, such as adhesives, sealants, solvents, Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds, lubricants, Cleaners and adhesives. This responsibility requires special experience to formulate these products. Zip-Chem has that experience. Fully aware that chemical products for production and maintenance in the aerospace sector must operate under extremely demanding conditions, such as exposure to hostile environments for long periods of time, radical changes in pressure, and a wide range of temperatures.

Zip-Chem chemicals for aerospace and aviation

Zip-Chem’s aviation products deliver superior performance while controlling costs, reducing waste and addressing environmental concerns.

Can’t find a certain product?

We have direct access to world class specialty chemicals brands and a strong European and local market presence. Our technical experts will find the best solution for your application. 

Why Zip-Chem?

Zip-Chem focuses on identifying and solving all those technological challenges unique for today’s aviation through demanding chemical preparations supplied with innovative systems of packaging and product delivery.


Zip-Chem has dedicated more than 30 years to the aerospace sector.Being a key piece in the processes of manufacturing and maintenance of all types of air vehicles, from airplanes and helicopters to unmanned aerial vehicles or rockets.


Zip-Chem’s experience in the aerospace sector translates into superior performance, controlling costs, reducing waste,considering environmental concerns or occupational exposure and ensure proper mix ratios.