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Bostik™ Industrial Adhesives Solutions

The Bostik™ brand is designed and engineered to offer you a range of industrial adhesives suiting any specific industrial need.


With DGE you have access to adhesives experts with broad application expertise to focus on improving equipment reliability. Our technical support provides services and solutions utilizing adhesives best practices.

Why Bostik™?

Bostik is a world-class leader in sealing and bonding technologies. Bostik creates smart adhesive solutions for industrial markets such as Automotive, Appliances, Industrial assembly, Aerospace, etc.

Can’t find a certain product?

We have direct access to world class specialty chemicals brands and a strong European and local market presence. Our technical experts will find the best solution for your application. 


Harsh conditions, critical equipment and complicated regulatory requirements. These are some of the challenges you face everyday in your market. We are here to simplify your adhesives selection, helping to provide reliability and long-term performance. Bostik™ innovative solutions have been designed to improve production efficiencies, enhance end-use performance and reduce energy consumption.


Bostik™ high performance, safer adhesives are a industrial solution products assembly and maintenance  Constantly expanded into new, innovative lubrication technologies, Bostik™ is now respected globally with more than 130 Years of Success.


Born2Bond™ Structural

Born2Bond Structural is a unique 2 Component hybrid adhesive especially designed for production operations. It is a strong adhesive usable on many substrates especially plastics

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Born2Bond™ Flex

Born2Bond™ Flex

Flexo-elastic, two-part, instant adhesive Born2Bond™ Flex is a patent-pending, flexible, elastic and low-odor instant adhesive with exceptional adhesion to a very broad range of materials and surfaces.

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