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Dow Silicones for Appliances

Benefits of Silicones from Dow Extensive product line Proven application performance Leading global technical service A commitment to quality Fully global supply capability Continuing innovation

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Molytkote antifriction coating

MOLYKOTE®Anti-Friction Coatings

High-value, high-performance long-term lubrication Often described as “lubricating paints,” MOLYKOTE® AFCs contain solid lubricants – rather than coloring pigment – dispersed through carefully selected resin

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what is wear

What is wear and how to prevent it?

Tribology is the science that studies friction, wear, and lubrication of touching surfaces in relative motion. It relies on concepts coming from materials science, physics, and chemistry among others, making

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5 ways to optimize your engine’s performance

Modern cars draw more power and performance from smaller engines, but they also need to make sure passengers have a comfortable, quiet ride. So basically, what’s needed is an extreme performance in materials for extreme conditions. But how can you ensure your engine is running at its absolute optimum, all the time?

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electric car battery silicone

Electric Car Battery Silicone Toolbox

Today, the versatile properties of the silicone molecule enable highly tunable performance attributes that are driving new innovations for streamlining assembly and enhancing the performance of advanced automotive batteries to achieve a new battery power.

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Silicone Transformer Liquid for the Energy Industry

Transformers perform an important part in power distribution networks. The transformer must manage inconsistent loads and potential faults in an array with other units. As the level of power increases, it is necessary to increase the operating voltage of transformers. As a result, manufacturers preferred more liquid-filled transformers in place of cast resin transformers.

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DOWSIL™ Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers

IMAGINE improved thermal conductivity – easier processing and long-term performance stability DESCRIPTION DOWSIL™ thermally conductive gap fillers are soft, compressible, two-part, high-thermalconductivity silicone materials specifically

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