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Improve performance of chains: Molykote® Greases, AFC, and Oils

Molykote® Greases, AFC, and Oils Improve performance of chains

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Chains advantages

Chains offer various advantages:

  • High level of efficiency
  • Robustness
  • The ability to work in hostile environments.

Without a Smart Lubrication™, these advantages can be lost.


Smart Lubrication™

  • Without Smart Lubrication™ that controls the coefficient of friction, you may find reduced efficiency due to a loss in transmission power.
  • Without Smart Lubrication™ that controls the tension between consecutive joints: you may have unexpected high loads with the chance of irreparable damage.
  • Without Smart Lubrication™ that PROTECTS the pins and bushings from the mating surface and the temperature: you may find the chain to ELONGATE, endangering the correct functioning of your equipment.
  • Without Smart Lubrication™ that PROTECTS the chains from harsh environments and chemicals: RUST may form, compromising the solidity of the materials and the disassembly.
  • Without Smart Lubrication™, surface PITTING on the sides of the links as well as other failure modes, are more prone to appear and make your chain to malfunction.
  • Without Smart Lubrication™ that CONTROLS the coefficient of friction, you will rapidly wear out the joints: resulting in too much FRICTION and power consumption, causing harmful temperature rise.


Molykote® Greases, AFC, and Oils provide corrosion protection, cushion to impact forces, and a consistent coefficient of friction.






These additives provide enhanced lubricating properties to increase life expectancy of your chain, avoiding downtimes and maintenance costs.


With a Smart Lubrication™ you can CONTROL the coefficient of friction and PROTECT the chain pins and bushings from the external elements.

With Molykote® Greases, AFC, and Oils you can PROTECT components and CONTROL your maintenance.

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