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The Privacy policy for visitors of and affliated domains apply to everyone who leaves data behind.

Data supplied by visitors can be used by DGE and members for the following purposes:

  1. Processing of an information or contact request.
  2. Sending of one or more emails regarding the request.
  3. Sending of one or more post packages related to the request.
  4. Incidentally sending information regarding our products, applications, tips, etc. of which DGE considers it could be use full for customers and could lead to a more valuable website for our visitors.

Data supplied by visitors to DGE will be received by DGE and will never be shared with others. There are 2 exceptions:

  1. Data can be supplied to our members solely for the purpose of better local support and service of our visitors requests.
  2. When a court order is issued to provide the data.

Should you have any questions or remarks please contact DGE.