JAX Magna-Plate 22

JAX Magna-Plate 22 is a state-of-the-art, NSF H1-registered grease developed to satisfy the extreme temperature conditions found in several areas of modern food-processing facilities.

JAX Magna-Plate 22

JAX Magna-Plate 22 is a state-of-the-art, NSF H1-registered grease developed to satisfy the extreme temperature conditions found in several areas of modern food-processing facilities. JAX Magna-Plate 22 is formulated with a revolutionary food-grade proprietary calcium sulfonate complex thickener technology. This newly enhanced thickener system provides exceptional mechanical stability, very high load-carrying ability and remarkable rust and corrosion control. In addition, JAX Magna-Plate 22 has excellent water resistance and outstanding high-temperature performance characteristics. JAX Magna- Plate 22 utilizes a Polyalphaolefin base fluid with excellent oxidation stability, antiwear performance, and a pour point of -90°F (-68°C). JAX Magna-Plate 22 demonstrates unsurpassed performance in the very cold environments found in all types of chilling and freezing equipment, yet allows the grease to maintain an excellent body should the temperatures be elevated. JAX Magna-Plate 22 meets the requirements of 21 CFR 178.3570 (lubricants with incidental food contact).

Product benefits

  • Excellent Low-Temperature Performance—JAX Magna- Plate 22 was specifically designed to be used in the
    low ambient temperatures commonly found in all types of chilling and freezing equipment. JAX Magna-Plate 22 remains soft and pumpable at these extreme lower temperatures, ensuring that the grease is reaching the critical lubrication points and extending the life and lubrication intervals of your costly equipment.
  • Outstanding Mechanical Stability—Worked stability testing shows little change in Cone Penetration (ASTM D 217) or consistency in over 100,000 strokes. There is no evidence of shear breakdown in the Roll Stability Test (ASTM D 1831), even in an extended high-temperature, modified version to increase the test’s severity.
  • Excellent E.P. and Antiwear Performance—JAX Magna- Plate 22 is carefully formulated with the most advanced food-grade additive and thickener technologies to provide superior long-term extreme pressure and antiwear performance advantages over other food-grade lubricants.
  • Superior Rust and Corrosion Protection—The calcium sulfonate thickener system of JAX Magna-Plate 22 provides excellent natural rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Superior Water Resistance—Water resistance is of particular importance in food-grade grease applications. Few industrial applications are subject to the severe process and sanitation water and chemical contamination inherent in modern food and beverage plants. JAX Magna- Plate 22 is one of the most water-resistant food-grade greases on the market with Water Washout (ASTM D 1264) results of 4.5% weight loss.
  • Micronox® Technology—JAX Magna-Plate 22 contains the performance benefits of Micronox® technology, which provides preservative protection for the product. A first in food-grade lubricants, JAX Micronox® has proven especially effective in protecting JAX Magna-Plate 22 over extended lubrication intervals.


JAX Magna-Plate 22 grease can satisfy the lubricant demands in nearly any food-plant freezing machinery application. Superior water resistance, excellent compatibility with other greases, outstanding corrosion control, and excellent antiwear and E.P. performance help simplify grease inventory and provide the ultimate in food-grade grease performance.


Extensive grease compatibility studies have shown that Magna-Plate 22 possesses very good compatibility with
the vast majority of the most popular food-grade greases currently on the market. Please contact your JAX Sales Representative with questions regarding specific applications.

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