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Molykote Cu-7439 Plus – Copper Paste

Molykote CU-7439 Plus is a copper paste for components subject to high temperatures, pressures and corrosive influences.

Molykote Cu-7439 Plus – Copper Paste

Composition Molykote Cu-7439 Plus

  • Partially synthetic oil
  • Copper powder
  • Corrosion inhibitor

Properties Molykote CU-7439 Plus

  • Wide service temperature range
  • Good pressure resistance
  • Very adherent and resistant to water drag
  • Good protection against corrosion
  • Low evaporation
  • No drop point
  • High load capacity
  • Good wear protection

Molykote CU-7439 Plus Applications

  • Sliding surfaces and friction contacts exposed to heavy loads, particularly at low speeds, and as a break-in lubricant.
  • Suitable for use on friction contacts; electrical and household appliances, packaging and office machinery, precision instruments, as well as textile and plastics processing machinery.
  • Very suitable for all areas that need to be protected against water, steam and corrosion, eg brake mechanisms, flange seals and exhaust bolts.


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