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TA-WL High Strength

TA-WL High Strength – Anaerobic Adhesive for Threaded Connections

TA-WL High Strength is a one-component, high strength, anaerobic adhesive for threaded connections.

TA-WL High Strength – Anaerobic Adhesive for Threaded Connections

TA-WL High Strength is a one-component anaerobic adhesive designed for threadlocking that belongs to the anaerobic adhesives that are part of the Bostik Born2Bond range.


TA-WL High Strength is a one-part anaerobic adhesive designed to lock and seal threaded connections that require easy disassembly with normal hand tools. Once cured, the product prevents leaks and/or loosening of parts due to vibrations and shocks.

Features TA-WL High Strength

Here is a list of the main features of the product:

  • Monocomponent
  • No CLP classification
  • high resistance
  •  no loosening
  •  Evenly distribute force
  • vibration resistant
  • corrosion prevention
  • Suitable for active and passive metals


Below these lines we present a list of the main characteristics of the product:

  • Base: Dimethacrylate ester
  • Viscosity (mPa.s) – 350-550
  • Fixation time: 10 minutes.
  • Breaking strength in steel (ISO 10964) – 20 Nm
  • Green colour.
  • Temperature range: -55 to 180°C.
  • NSF Certified: No

TA-WL High Strength Applications

Below we list common applications of this product:

  • Assembly of mechanical parts.
  • Engines and power trains.
  • Machine engineering.
  • Gear manufacturing.

Bostik Adhesive Solutions

Bostik has been developing “intelligent” adhesives with new technologies for more than a century, which, consequently, are capable of changing our daily lives.

Born2Bond without CLP: Anaerobic for threadlocking

Anaerobic threadlocking adhesives belong to the Born2Bond range. Ultimately, these products are complete one-component solutions for all threadlocking requirements, including preventative maintenance. These liquid adhesives fill and seal all voids to achieve a connection of metal parts. Consequently, they are able to eliminate the cost and inconvenience of maintaining a large inventory. Finally, you have to consider:

  • The WL Anaerobic sub-range belongs to Bostik‘s Born2Bond range without CLP classification and is specially designed to improve the working environment and facilitate the EHS assessment of products.
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