Adhesive and Sealant Solutions for Vehicle Systems Design


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Adhesive and Sealant Solutions for Vehicle Systems Design

Smart science drives bonding and sealing innovation

Design for Cost-Effective Component Bonding and Sealing 

dow automotive-component-bonding

Meet trend-driven design needs for energy efficiency, greater comfort, safety and sustainability with adhesives and sealants from Dow.

Our selection of reliable and cost-effective solutions for automotive component bonding and sealing can help you achieve:

  • Energy efficiency by bonding innovative materials for lightweight design
  • Driving comfort by reducing squeaks; rattles; and noise, vibrations and harshness (NVH)
  • Safety by improving assembly strength and sealing durability
  • Sustainability with efficient processing and reliable service life of componentsdow automotive-component-bonding

Choose from a wide range of high-performance adhesives and sealants to meet your specific process and performance requirements:

  • One-part moisture-cure RTV adhesive/sealants
  • Two-part condensation-cure RTV adhesive/sealants
  • Heat cure adhesive/sealants
  • Hot-melt adhesive/sealants

Key performance advantages of these silicone adhesives and sealants from Dow include:

dowsil silicones automotive-component-bonding

  • Chemical stability when exposed to automotive fluids
  • Excellent resistance to UV light, ozone and weather
  • Durable adhesive strength and flexibility with less aging, cracking or softening
  • Stable mechanical properties in extreme heat and cold
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • A variety of processing and manufacturing options with versatile cure profiles



Proven, effective adhesive/sealant solutions from Dow can help you meet vehicle system design goals for innovation in cost-effective bonding and sealing of components:

silicone adhesives automotive-component-bonding

selection guide adhesives and sealants exterior systems

adhesives and sealants automotive

selection guide adhesives and sealants exterior systems

adhesives and sealants powertrain

dowsil silicones automotive-component-bonding

selection guide adhesives and sealants exterior systems


Enhance your vehicle design sustainability with silicone adhesives and sealants from Dow. These cost-effective technologies for component bonding and sealing offer automated application, high green strength with fast curing, and durable reliability to ensure high productivity and low service potential. They are proven, effective solutions that can resist aging, cracking or softening when exposed to increased pressures, aggressive fluids and extreme heat and cold; help reduce material consumption in lighter-weight vehicles; and aid local production of global vehicle platforms.


In addition to the silicone and fluorosilicone rubber featured in this selection guide, Dow also offers more smart science for vehicle system design innovation with our DOWSIL™ and SILASTIC™ adhesives and sealants.

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