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Born2Bond™ Light Lock HV

bostik Light Lock

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Unique dual cure UV/CA with low odor and low blooming. Born2Bond™ Light Lock HV is a low-odor, low-blooming, dual-curing (UV and contact curing) cyanoacrylate adhesives. It is designed for bonding applications that require fast fixturing, coating or surface cure. The UV and even visible-light cure sensitivity allow rapid bonding through transparent parts and quick curing of light-exposed bulk or surface-coated areas. Further, the product will still cure rapidly between opaque substrates (via contact cure). Lightlock HV 20gr bottle Lightlock HV 500g


  • Dual cure formulation: photo-cure and contact
  • Average fixture time: 5 seconds with UV light curing, 60 seconds without light exposure
  • Can be cured with UV-LED light but will already react to visible light
  • Long open time without activation
  • Dry to touch, tack free surface after few seconds under UV light
  • Cure-on-demand of excess material released from bondlines
  • Bonds, fills, reconstructs and coats
  • Low odor, low blooming
  • Available in a range of viscosities

Typical Applications

  • Electronics assembly
  • Conformal coating
  • Encapsulation
  • Plastic to metal bonding for medical devices
  • Assemblies with dark translucent substrates which absorb a lot of UV Light
  • Multi-substrate bonding for luxury materials with some limitations on glass

  Download here the sales sheet of Born2Bond™ Light Lock HV.

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