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Easy switch from hazardous products to CLP free alternatives

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Some adhesives are manipulated on a daily basis by many operators in plants and workshops, very often for manual applications. It is the case for anaerobic and cyanoacrylate adhesives so Bostik has taken steps to create safer alternatives for the users, while keeping the full expected performances. The result? A core range of Anaerobic adhesives and Cyanoacrylates which are entirely free of hazard labels. Many of those products are also approved for potable water, gas, or even medical environment in some cases. Everything was made to allow an easy upgrade from hazardous materials to safer products in the work environment.

We recommend to get in touch with our experts if you want to understand how you could also benefit from this offer.

Born2BondAnaerobics highlights: 

  • Safety: core products available without any hazard label
  • High performance and reliability for all standard metal assemblies
  • Activator available to increase both speed and final strength, especially on passive metals


Born2BondCyanoacrylates highlights: 

  • Safety: no hazard labelling for all core products: All 1 components are low odor and non-irritant. Two  exceptions are Born2Bond “Repair” and “Structural”, both bi-components cyanoacrylates with only irritant pictogram.
  • Performances include same benefits as the older generation of Instant Adhesives: very fast and working on many different substrates for quick repairs


Born2BondService Products highlights: 

  • As they are solvent based, these four Born2Bond™ high quality aerosols are not label free but none of them are labelled with neither “acute toxicity”, “serious health hazard” or “corrosive”. They also provide precision dispensing to increase control of the application area, including difficult to reach areas. 

The most used product Born2BondPre-Bonding Cleaner combines fast evaporation, strong cleaning and degreasing power while preserving the substrates including most sensitive plastics.



To find more about all the Bostik Born2Bondsolutions for MRO, you can contact our technical support service.


We are your technical partner.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about the possibilities for your industrial application, please complete the contact form and one of our experts will be in touch.

If you have a problem with industrial adhesives, sealants, lubricants or electronic protection products and require advice, you can contact our technical support service. Our team can help you to optimize your processes and applications.

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