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Lubricating Emission Control Valves

Lubricating Emission Control Valves

Krytox Valves air management

Getting More from EGR valves

New emission targets for CO2 and nitrogen oxide have significantly increased the need for measurement and control accuracy in the air management system of the engine. The purpose of exhaust gas recirculation is to lower the engine’s emission, increase the engine’s output performance and improve its fuel economy.

The complexity of the engine’s air management system demands that engineers and manufacturers precisely optimize the performance of both the parts and the whole system simultaneously.  As a result, the lubrication solutions specified for the systems and its parts need to display high temperature stability and resistance to corrosive exhaust fumes.

The exhaust gas re-circulating (EGR) valve reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions formation by re-circulating some of the exhausted gas back into the engine cylinders. This lowers the peak temperatures inside the cylinder; thus, reducing the rate of NOx formation. If the valve does not open enough, insufficient re-circulation takes place and excess pollution is created. If, however, the valve sticks open, the temperature inside the cylinder can drop too much, decreasing engine performance and fuel mileage. Krytox™ Performance Lubricants are an ideal choice, as they withstand the high temperatures and exhaust fumes experienced by the EGR valve.

Need to cut noxious nitrogen oxide emissions? Then boost your EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve performance at high temperature with Krytox Performance Lubricants.

Performance lubrication specialist Krytox™ is boosting EGR valve performance with a high-grade grease solution. Extensive testing proves its effectiveness at extreme temperature ranges and under heavy vibration conditions. This lubricant enhances durability, reliability and performance. Valve life is extended and savings are delivered.

The White Paper proposed by the Chemours Company explores this solution and other innovative under-bonnet innovations. Download it today!

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