JAX Magna-Plate 78

JAX Magna-Plate 78 fluids are USP white mineral oil-based lubricants utilizing a proprietary additive system and synthetic polymer technology.

JAX Magna-Plate 78

JAX Magna-Plate 78 fluids are USP white mineral oil-based lubricants utilizing a proprietary additive system and synthetic polymer technology to provide exceptional wear and corrosion protection in USDA/NSF H1 (Incidental Contact) food- and beverage-industry machinery applications.

Product benefits

  • Ultimate Food-Processing Machinery Protection—JAX Magna-Plate 78 is the pinnacle of food-grade lubrication performance. JAX chemists have incorporated the highest performing FDA-approved additive technology, carefully balanced for unsurpassed wear protection.
  • Ultimate Food-Processing Machinery Flexibility—JAX Magna-Plate 78 is ideal for a multitude of demanding applications in food processing environments. It provides the highest level of performance in applications from can seamers to overhead chains, from gearboxes to cutter heads.
  • Corrosion and Rust Protection—JAX Magna-Plate 78 provides excellent water displacement and washout resistance in operation. Additionally, its superior corrosion protection is ideal for laying up equipment between canning seasons and for general oiling throughout the plant.
  • Micronox® Technology—JAX Magna-Plate 78 fluids contain the performance benefits of Micronox® technology that provide preservative protection for the lubricant. A
    first in food-grade lubricants, JAX Micronox® has proven especially effective in protecting JAX Magna-Plate 78 fluids over extended lubrication intervals.


  • Chain and Cable Lubrication—The superior lubricating film, either drip or brush applied, is especially effective at protecting rollers, cams, slides, cables, wire ropes and chains (e.g. silent, monorail, main and final chains, particularly where metal flaking is a problem) at slow to medium speeds.
  • Gear and Bearing Lubrication—For years, JAX Magna- Plate 78 has protected enclosed spur and bevel gears driven by fractional horsepower motors at slow to medium speeds. It has proven highly effective in plain, sleeve, ball and roller bearing applications in slow- to medium-speed operating environments (e.g. corn cutters).
  • Can Seaming Lubrication—JAX Magna-Plate 78 fluids are used extensively in high-speed can seamers that require enhanced wear protection and long component life.


JAX Magna-Plate 78 is compatible with mineral oils, synthetic lubricants*, and seals. For optimum performance, it is recommended that systems be thoroughly drained and, if warranted, cleaned prior to installation.

JAX Magna-Plate 78 is a demulsifying lubricant intended for can closers processing low-fructose or corn syrup products where minimal migration of processed product to the lubricating fluid is present. It provides optimum water and contamination separation.

JAX Magna-Plate 78E is an emulsifying/dispersant lubricant intended for can closers processing products containing higher levels of fructose or corn syrup sweeteners. In these cases, oils without emulsifying characteristics do not have the ability to dissolve and carry away sugars that may plate out on lubricated parts and cause component wear.

*JAX Magna-Plate 78 fluids, as well as other mineral-based lubricants, are not compatible with most poly-glycol-type lubricants. Thorough flushing prior to changeover is required.

Performance features and benefits

  • Outstanding Antiwear Protection
  • FDA Food-Grade Compliant
  • Excellent Filterability Characteristics
  • Excellent High-Temperature Oxidation Stability
  • Superior Rust & Corrosion Protection
  • Demulsifying for Processes Desiring Water Drop Out (JAX Magna-Plate 78)
  • Emulsifying for processes with Higher Levels of Sweeteners (Magna-Plate 78E)
  • Greatly Extended Component Life of Lubricated Parts
  • Reduced Product Contamination Concerns
  • Food-Grade Status Reduces Product Liability Concerns
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