Molykote 33 Medium Lubricant Grease

Molykote 33 is a silicone based lubricating grease for metal / metal, metal / plastic combinations that support slow to medium-fast movements and light loads, ideal for very low temperature applications.

Molykote 33 Medium Lubricant Grease

Molykote 33 is a synthetic silicone grease that can work at very low temperatures. We have two versions: the light and the medium, which differ in consistency.


  • Silicone oil
  • Lithium soap


  • Multifunctional applications
  • Wide range of service temperatures, ideal for low temperatures (-73°C to 180°C)
  • Great compatibility with most plastics
  • Excellent Oxidative Stability


Long-life lubrication for assembly and maintenance. Can be used in:

  • Rollers in mobile refrigeration equipment and refrigeration plants
  • Control cables
  • Electric clocks
  • Engines
  • Wiper motors
  • Vehicle ignition engines
  • Photographic and optical equipment and measuring instruments

Product Specifications

  • Base Oil Viscosity @ 40C: 76
  • NLGI Grade: 2
  • Thickener: Lithium
  • Low Temp: -73
  • High Temp: 204
  • Color: Off White
  • Base Oil: 100 Cst @ 25 C

How to use

  • Clean the contact points.
  • Apply regularly to any lubricating grease, using a clean brush or spatula, grease gun or automatic lubrication system.
  • Suitable for centralised lubrication systems.
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