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Molykote 7 Release Compound

Molykote 7 Release Compound is a versatile, heat stable and highly effective silicone release agent.

Molykote 7 Release Compound

Composition Molykote 7 Release Compound

  • Inert amorphous silica filler in combination
  • Selected Polydimethyl Silicone Fluids

Properties Molykote 7 Release Compound

  • Moisture barrier
  • Good compatibility of plastic and rubber
  • Regulatory Approval of Drinking Water
  • Wide service temperature

Molykote 7 Release Compound Applications

  • Release agent for foundry molds and foundry cores
  • Insertion Treatment for Bladders in Tire Presses
  • Rubber lubricant and preservative
  • Release agent for adhesives and glues
  • Cable pulling lubricant to draw rubber covered cable through conduit
  • Release Agent for Plastic Extruders and Processing Equipment
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