Molykote HTP - Solid Lubricant Paste

Molykote HTP is a solid lubricant paste for hot metal forming.

Molykote HTP - Solid Lubricant Paste

Composition Molykote HTP

  • Mineral oil
  • Thickener
  • Solid lubricant

Properties Molykote HTP

  • High-temperature resistance (up to 1150 ° C)
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Reduces striation
  • Increases tool life

Molykote HTP Applications

  • Suitable for the lubrication of hot forming tools, particularly hot flow presses and drop forging, also as a starting agent and high temperature slip additive.
  • Successfully used for St 37 or St 70 flat steel hot bending, vehicle leaf spring end rolling, sheet metal edge bending, cutter hot rolling and steering wheel forging made of St 37, as well as regarding the lubrication of the separator plates in chipboard presses.
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