Silicone solutions for Battery Pack Assembly

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New Dowsil’s solution for Battery Pack Assembly

Dowsil has developed a new product for Battery Pack Assembly. All related information is specified below.

• Dow Performance Silicones Portfolio

― Silicones in Standard Vehicles

― Battery Assembly

• Why Silicone?

• Advancing Your Battery Assembly

• Thermal Management

• Thermal Isolation

• EMI Shielding

• Conformal Coatings


Performance Silicones Portfolio

Battery Pack assembly


Silicones in standard vehicles


Why Silicone for Battery Applications?

Thermal Stability

  • High temperature resistance
  • Wide temperature range retention of elastomeric properties

Tunable: Modulus/Hardness/Cure chemistries

  • Hardness range from hard to soft depending on application
  • Flexible/compliant, retains flexibility at high filler (thermal, electrical) content with high elongation at break
  • Fast RT cure for large component fixing and increased productivity

Thermal management performance

  • Wide thermal conductivity range available
  • Silicone provides low thermal resistivity

Thermal event isolation

  • Slow the spread of thermal events in lithium ion battery

Light weighting

  • Silicone foams meet UL requirements with low weight


Silicones in Battery Pack Assembly

Battery Pack Assembly


Battery Pack Assembly

Assembly and integration of EV/HEW batteries and modules require mechanical fixing, thermal management and vibration damping. We provide DOWSIL solutions for all of these applications.

Silicone-based materials enable customers to cost-effectively manage the challenges in their next-generation EV/HEV battery assembly designs.

Battery Pack Assembly


Advancing your Battery Pack Assembly

Portfolio of Advanced Thermally Conductive Materials: Focus on Gap Fillers


Battery Pack Assembly


Introducing: thermal runaway propagation prevention

  • Silicones can slow the spread of thermal events in lithium ion battery applications
  • Filled or unfilled silicones available:                       
    • Gap fillers
    • Foams
    • Encapsulants
    • Gels
  • Application requirements determine material selection


  • Silicone foams can be a light weight alternative to traditional encapsulant and sealant options.
  • Foam encapsulant can provide cell protection in the case of a thermal event.


Silicone Foam flammability testing


Dow Silicone Foam Products – Commercially Available

Battery Pack Assembly


Introducing: EMI Shielding

Increasing density of electronic components in many market segments.

Shielding prevents cross-talk of electronic circuits, detectors, RF signals.

Silicones provide flexibility over a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions

Battery Pack Assembly


Electrically Conductive Silicones

  • Formulation. 
    • Polymer- Able to tune rheology, mechanical performance, adhesion, stability
    • Filler- Electrical performance, rheology, cost, stability
    • Additives- Cure dynamics, stability, shelf life
  • Characterization  Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Chemical
  • Application testing
    • Dispensing
    • Accelerated stress testing
    • Electro-mechanical characterization

Conformal Coatings

Key Benefits

  • Improves reliability in humid environments. 
  • Protects PCBs and other electronic components against environmental particles, moisture and contaminants, preventing sort circuits nd corrosion of conductors and solder joints
  • Protects circuits and components from abrasion and solvents
  • Stress relieving
  • Protects insulation resistance
  • Reduces conductor spacing on PCBs
  • Good dielectric properties (insulation, moisture resistance, breakdown voltage)


Conformal Coatings Solutions

Battery Pack Assembly


Customer Satisfaction Starts with Design

Battery Pack Assembly

And that is all the needed information about the new solution for Battery Pack Assembly. If you have any doubt, you always can contact us and we will help you.

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