Webinar: Faster assemblies at room temperature with new, very fast cure speed adhesive DOWSIL™ EA-3838

DOWSIL™ EA-3838 Fast Adhesive provides early primerless adhesion, bond strength and a room-temperature cure – especially useful for manufacturers of appliances, automotive electronics, lighting, aerospace applications and more.

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New DOWSIL™ EA-3838 Fast Adhesive allows faster processing and higher productivity

Dow created a very fast curing RTV adhesive that can help you increase throughput and productivity, reduce costs and lower your carbon footprint.

If you’re interested in increasing your speed and efficiency, plan to join the April 28 webinar.

Boost the speed and efficiency of assembly with new primerless DOWSIL™ EA-3838 Fast Adhesive.

This novel, fast-curing silicone technology has been developed for manufacturers of appliances, automotive electronics, lighting, aerospace and beyond, looking to improve their profitability while reducing their costs and carbon footprint.

Whether you are using existing organic or silicone materials with primer, we encourage you to learn about this innovative, versatile material; it can meet different needs of the manufacturing and assembly processes while reducing the number of products used at the job site.

DOWSIL™ EA-3838 Fast Adhesive is a two-part, room-temperature vulcanizing silicone adhesive, which can be used on various substrates and has a flexible fast cure speed. Learn more about the broad range of possibilities enabled by this innovative product along with its advantageous shelf-life and many packaging options.

Register now and let us show you the specifics of this very fast curing adhesive, and demonstrate its performance attributes as compared to other benchmark products currently in use in the market.

While you wait for the webinar, here’s a sneak peek of the new DOWSIL™ EA-3838 Fast Adhesive.

April 28, 2 p.m. CET (8 a.m. ET)

Faster assemblies at room temperature with new, very fast cure speed adhesive from Dow


Burak Akin Aksoy

Burak Akin Aksoy is a Technical Service and Development Scientist for Dow Consumer Solutions in Wiesbaden, Germany. He began his career with heritage Dow Corning in 2010 as a Regional Technical Developer, supporting Automotive and Industrial Assembly and Maintenance industries. In 2015 he added responsibilities of Appliances OEMs in Europe, and is currently supporting the Appliances and Automotive Electronics segments. He is a 2006 graduate of the department of Chemical Engineering at Bogazici University, Istanbul, and joined Dow’s Electronics and Advanced Assembly Solutions TS&D team in 2018.

Michael Hartmann

Michael Hartmann has spent 18 years with Dow Silicones Deutschland GmbH and is an application engineering specialist. He works in the Electronics and Advanced Assembly group, specifically with the Automotive and Industrial Assembly and Maintenance industries. He brings product expertise in RTV, HTV and hot melt sealants, primers, and mold making, foam and CIPG LSRs, in sealing, bonding and gasketing applications.

Pina Beato

Based in Wiesbaden, Germany, Pina Beato is Market Manager for Electronics and Advanced Assembly in EMEA. She is responsible for Dow’s European business with manufacturers of domestic and commercial appliances and sensors, providing silicone technologies for use in these applications. Pina has more than 10 years of commercial experience supporting a broad variety of markets, from B2C to B2B and across several sectors – including automotive paints, airlines, computer software, and pharmaceutical. Pina joined Dow in 2009, and she continues to deliver innovative solutions to the challenges facing today’s global consumer electronics market.

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