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Bostik extends Born2Bond™ MRO offering with the industry’s widest range of Not CLP Classified Anaerobic Adhesives

Anaerobic Adhesives

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Bostik, an Arkema company, has recently launched in EMEA a safer and more sustainable WL* range offering within its Born2Bond Anaerobic Adhesives portfolio of Engineering Adhesives, with seven alternatives to the standard high-performance products.

It provides the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry with the widest-ever range of anaerobic engineering adhesives that do not carry hazard labels, significantly enhancing the safety and comfort of their use while reducing environmental impact. The seven WL Born2Bond Anaerobic Adhesives are available in two pack sizes and include low, medium and high strength threadlockers, medium strength pipe sealant, instant and flexible gaskets, and a high strength retainer.

Not classified as hazardous substances/mixtures under the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP) Regulation, the range has been specifically designed to significantly improve the safety of the users and ease the EHS assessment of a new product without compromising performance.

Born2Bond Anaerobic Adhesives

The Born2Bond Anaerobic Adhesives range provides more reliable, cost-effective and convenient alternatives to commonly used mechanical fastening solutions such as traditional washers, gaskets, pins, hemps and tapes, with an array of solutions that enable rapid and easy repairs on site, as well as preventative maintenance. The range addresses a number of challenges commonly faced by MRO engineers: increasingly demanding environmental and safety regulations; reliability, smaller and more complex designs; and more adaptable and faster processes.

Anaerobic Adhesives_Bostik

Included in the range are solutions resistant to vibration, impact, chemicals, oils and extremes of temperature. The adaptability and flexibility of these fast-curing, single-product adhesives eliminate the cost of holding extensive inventory and is a more convenient solution for the maintenance operative.

As with the standard, high-performance Born2Bond Anaerobic range, White-Label adhesive grades provide 100% surface-to-surface contact and exceptional resistance to wear and tear.

Service Products are also available within the Born2Bond high-performance Anaerobic Adhesive range, including a Born2Bond Pre-Bonding Cleaner that cleans surfaces, evaporates fast and leaves no residue, Born2Bond Adhesive & Gasket Remover that delivers results to clean and remove prior gaskets within just 15 minutes, and a fast-evaporating Born2Bond Anaerobic Activator to speed up anaerobic adhesives curing, which is ideal for use on passive metals.

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