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A Korean corrugator reduces equipment downtime and saves on maintenance costs by switching lubricants thanks to the new Krytox’s corrugator application product.

Korean manufacturer of corrugated products cuts required maintenance cycle by 50% A major manufacturer of corrugated products located in Korea wanted to reduce the frequency of equipment maintenance to minimize downtime in its busy production environment.


The Challenge

The manufacturer needed a lubricant that would provide superior lubricity despite the harsh operating environment of the application. Specifically, the lubricant needed to withstand operating temperatures of 195–200 ˚C (383–392 ˚F) and not leak under the high load and speed of the corrugator. In addition, the lubricant needed to be compatible with the metals and elastomers used in the corrugating equipment and not cause carbon residue build-up.


The Solution

After switching to Corrugator Krytox™ 227FG, a food grade lubricant featuring superior performance, the manufacturer was able to schedule equipment maintenance every six months, instead of every three months, without experiencing any bearing failures. Corrugator Krytox™ 227FG grease is compatible with most metals and commonly used elastomers. It provides long-term wear resistance and thermal stability at the high temperatures used in the corrugating equipment and will not carbonize.


Key Advantages

• The manufacturer was able to schedule required maintenance twice a year, instead of four times a year, because Corrugator Krytox™ 227FG grease provides superior lubricity to the bearings and no carbonization.

• The technical team from Chemours and the local distributor provided valuable technical support services.

• Corrugator Application Krytox™ 227FG is NSF H-1 certified as safe for incidental food-contact applications.


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