DGE appointed by DOW: Distributor of the Dowsil™ PV range in EMEA

DGE appointed by DOW: Distributor of the Dowsil™ PV range in EMEA

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Dow, world leader in silicone chemistry, with its Dowsil™ brand, develops technologies and solutions dedicated to the solar energy industry at all levels of the value chain.

As the global photovoltaic (PV) energy market continues to grow, the demand for sustainable, reliable, and higher performing solar panels is crucial. Dow offers a broad base of chemistries and technologies in high-performance materials – tested to meet the specific requirements of the solar industry – that help create more reliable solar panels.

With a long and accumulated expertise, we collaborate with the largest solar sector companies to improve the durability, quality, and reliability of solar panels. We work with leading solar companies to improve the sustainability, longevity, and performance of photovoltaic systems. We understand that materials are the engine of innovation and we contribute to addressing the challenges of photovoltaic panel manufacturing by leveraging our expertise in silicone, polyolefin, and polyurethane.

By offering encapsulants and sealants for your electronic components, adhesives for rail bonding, frame and junction box sealing, repair and protection coatings, as well as materials for optics, we can help make your applications more efficient and reliable.

As a leading player in the silicone industry, DOW and DGE provide the various operators with solutions to meet their expectations, particularly for applications:

– Encapsulation of cells: DOWSIL™ PV-6326
– Encapsulation junction box: DOWSIL™ PV-7326 Potting Agent
– Frame bonding or “framing”, junction box: DOWSIL™ PV-804, DOWSIL™ PV-8404,
– Bonding of guide rails: DOWSIL™ PV-8301 Fast Cure Sealant, DOWSIL™ PV-8303 Ultra Fast Cure Sealant
– Building Integrated Photovoltaic Panel (BIPV): DOWSIL™ 993N Structural Glazing Sealant, DOWSIL™ 993 Structural Glazing Sealant, DOWSIL™ 994 Ultra Fast Bonding Sealant and DOWSIL™ 983 Structural Glazing Sealant
– Backsheet repair: DOWSIL™ 7094 Flowable Sealant
– Electrically Conductive Adhesive: DOWSIL™ EC-8425 Electrically Conductive Adhesive

Discover how to achieve long-lasting performance from photovoltaic panels


Maximizing energy conversion reliability

From the output of the solar panel, a solar energy production system requires high-performing and reliable components to optimize and reliably convert energy for use or storage. Advanced silicones improve warranties for the industry, thanks to their excellent resistance to aging in a wide range of challenging environments to which outdoor devices may be exposed during their lifetime.

Our advanced adhesives, encapsulation and thermal management products protect outdoor electronics from environmental impacts, eliminate heat to improve efficiency, and provide long-lasting life to solar energy production systems.

Solar inverters used on photovoltaic module chains convert captured energy into a useful form for sending back to the grid, storing in a battery, or using by the consumer.

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