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DOWSIL™ TC-5550 Thermal Conductive Compound

dowsil tc-5550_thermal

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A high thermal conductivity (5.0W/mk), low thermal resistance (0.04 °C-cm2/W), low BLT(0.02mm) thermal grease that is especially designed for bare die architecture to provide long term reliability with excellent pump-out resistance performance.

DOWSIL™ TC-5550 Thermally Conductive Compound is grease like material that is highly loaded with thermally conductive fillers in a silicone matrix. This combination promotes high thermal conductivity, low pump-out and high-temperature stability. The compound is designed to maintain a positive heat sink seal to improve heat transfer from an electrical device or PCB system assembly to a heat sink or chassis especially for consumer devices, there is also a continual trend towards smaller and more compact designs. In combination these factors typically mean that more heat is generated in the device.

Thermal management of PCB system assemblies is a primary concern of design engineers. A cooler device allows for more efficient operation and better reliability over the life of the device. As such, thermally conductive compound plays an integral role here. Thermally conductive material acts as a thermal “bridge” to remove heat from a heat source (device) to the ambient via a heat transfer media (i.e. heat sink). This material has properties such as low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity, and thin Bond Line Thicknesses (BLTs) which can help to improve the transfer of heat away from the device. Thermal compound has advantages over other Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) due to anti pump-out, ease of application on to heat sinks (screen printing), and ease of re-work.

Features and benefits

  • Good pump-out resistance for bare die application
  • High thixotropy
  • One part material – no cure required
  • Solvent free formulation – provides material stability
  • Easy application – screen and stencil printable
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Achieves thin Bond Line Thickness (BLT)
  • Low thermal resistance


DOWSIL™ TC-5550 Thermally Conductive Compound is designed to provide efficient thermal transfer for the cooling of electronic modules, and good pump-out resistance especially in bare die application.


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