Jax solutions for the dairy industry

JAX - Food and Beverage Processing Capabilities

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Milk processing capabilities

Dairy homogenizerDairy homogenizer

How it works
– Product travels through an adjustable gap under high shear
– Reduces the average size of fat globules from 4 μm to <1 μm

– Increases shelf life
– Improves consistency in taste and color


Homogenizer solutionsHomogenizer solutions

– Magna-Plate 64

– Magna-Plate 220 FG

Motor bearing
– Halo-Guard FG-2 (high speeds)
– Halo-Guard FG-PM (low speeds)



Centrifugal separatorCentrifugal separator

How it works
– Separates milk into cream and skimmed milk
– Removes other unwanted particles

– Allows producer to control composition of milk
– Increased consistency of milk


Separator solutions

Bowl body, bowl hood, threads, lock rings, etc.
– Food Grade Anti-Seize
– PurGel Klear
– White mineral oil

Gear box and bearings
Industrial Lubricant
– H-P Industrial Gear Oil ISO 220
– Synax EP Gear Oil ISO 220

Food-Grade Lubricant
– Magna-Plate 220 FG / FGG-AW ISO 220
– Flow-Guard Synthetic ISO 220
– Perma-Gear FG ISO 220


Beverage processing

Can seamerCan seamer

How it works
– Seam rollers create double seams
– Vacuum chambers remove unwanted oxygen

– Non-rotary machines prevent damage, ideal for liquids
– Increased production efficiency and decreased labor

Can seamer solutions

– Magna-Plate 78 (one pass)
– Angel-Guard series (recirculating)
– “E” versions (high sugar drinks)

– Halo-Guard FG-LT

Bottle and can filler

How it works
– Bottles are filled by gravity, pump or piston systems
– Counterpressures maintain CO2 on the liquid as it is filled

– Fill consistency
– Lower oxygen levels in bottles

Bottle and can filler

Bottle and can filler solutions

– Halo-Guard FG-2 (manual points)
– Halo-Guard FG-LT (auto grease)

With EPDM seals
– Pyro-Plate TFS

Shrink film tunnel

How it works
– Shrink film is gently placed on the product before it enters
– The product is heated as it moves through the tunnel
– The shrink film then shrinks into seize and place

– Uniformity in shrinking
– Reduces wrapping waste (with correct system)

Shrink film tunnel

Shrink film tunnel solutions

– Pryo-Kote 68 or 68FG
– Pyro-Kote 220 or 220FG

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