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Lubricants for Steam Turbine Governor Control

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Krytox™ Technology Improves Steam Turbine Governor Control and Reliability

The Problem

Turbine cam shaft or valve lift bar anti-friction bearings, bushings, and gears using conventional lubricants wear, fail, or lock up over time. This causes excessive clearance, rough response, and potential seizing of the governor control, resulting in:

Operational Issues

  • Turbine downtime
  • Loss of steam feed control

Maintenance Issues

  • Increased maintenance effort and cost
  • Frequent re-lubrication
  • Employee exposure to extreme component temperatures
  • Failed bearings
  • Oxidation of the conventional lubricant
  • Increased turnaround time to clean, break down, and replace components


The Solution: Lubricants for Steam Turbine.

Krytox™ lubrication technology for turbine governors has been demonstrated to provide the best available equipment performance and lowest available life cycle cost. Krytox™ grease will not oxidize or break down. The benefits include:

Operational Benefits

  • Improved turbine uptime
  • Improved turbine control
  • Reduced operating expense

Maintenance Benefits

  • Extended component life
  • Extended re-lubrication interval
  • Safer work environment
  • Reduced effort and cost

Chemours Benefits

  • Demonstrated in field use for over 7 years
  • Ongoing support to deliver performance and savings
  • Krytox™ grease is formulated to lubricate and protect turbine governor cams, anti-friction bearings, bushings, linkages, and gears
  • Krytox™ grease takes the heat without breaking down
  • Krytox™ grease protects components from vibration and fretting wear


OEM Specifications

Krytox™ lubricant is specified for use by Siemens Westinghouse for mechanical components requiring lubrication in high temperature environments on steam turbine, gas turbine, and generator systems. Refer to Siemens Specifications M-Spec 53701Y6, M-Spec 537001TT, and M-Spec 53701VH.


Demonstrated Solutions

For over 20 years, Krytox™ lubrication technology has provided state-ofthe-art performance for mechanical systems under harsh conditions. From gearboxes, bearings, and chains—to seals, actuators, valves, and more—Krytox™ lubricants serve the specialized needs of:

  • Pulp and paper mills, and converting plants
  • Automotive components
  • Military and commercial aircraft
  • Chemical plants
  • Power plants
  • Turbine generators and other critical industrial applications.

Lubricants for Steam Turbine

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