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Electrolube UR 5635 – Opaque Polyourethane Resin

Electrolube UR5635 is a two-part, semi-rigid polyurethane resin formulated with a ‘hazy/cloudy’ appearance.

Electrolube UR 5635 – Opaque Polyourethane Resin

UR5635 is a two-part, semi-rigid polyurethane resin formulated with a ‘hazy/cloudy’ appearance. The product is ideal for use in protective applications, particularly for dispersing light. Due to a carefully selected blend of components an extremely durable, low viscosity system is achieved which can be used for a wide variety of applications.

  • Hazy/cloudy white translucent appearance; ideal for dispersing light in LED applications
  • 1:1 by volume mix ratio; aids ease of processing
  • Does not contain IPDI; low hazard material
  • High resistance to weather/UV, acids and alkalis, water and mould growth; suitable for a range of environments

Mixing Procedures

When in Resin pack form, the resin and hardener are mixed by removing the clip and moving the contents around inside the pack until thoroughly mixed. To remove the clip, remove both end caps, grip each end of the pack and pull apart gently. By using the removed clip, take special care to push unmixed material from the corners of the pack. Mixing normally takes from two to four minutes depending on the skill of the operator and the size of the pack. Both the resin and hardener are evacuated prior to packing so the system is ready for use immediately after mixing. The corner may be cut from the pack so that it may be used as a simple dispenser.

Bulk Mixing

When mixing, care must be taken to avoid the introduction of excessive amounts of air. Automatic mixing equipment is available which will not only mix both the resin and hardener accurately in the correct ratio but do this without introducing air. Containers of Part A (Resin) and Part B (Hardener) should be kept sealed at all times when not in use to prevent the ingress of moisture. Bulk material must be thoroughly mixed before use. Incomplete mixing will result in erratic or partial curing.


It is far easier for machines & containers to be cleaned before the resin has been allowed to cure. Electrolube’s RRS is suitable for cleaning machines and containers and cured resin may be slowly softened and removed by soaking in our RRS.


Do not heat cure large volumes immediately. Allow these to gel at room temperature and post-cure at high temperature if required (refer to liquid properties for details). The material is not suitable for thick sections above 50mm as the exotherm build up during cure will create voids.


When storing under very cold conditions, the hardener may crystallise. If this occurs, simply warm (40°C) the container gently until all crystals have re-melted.

Health & Safety

Always refer to the Health & Safety data sheet before use. These can be downloaded from

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