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Molykote introduces G-1079 Grease


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With trends toward vehicle electrification and smart home appliances, more applications require specialty grease with excellent noise reduction performance, low friction and bleeding, and compatibility with a wide range of plastics.

Reduce noise, friction and wear

MOLYKOTE® G-1079 Grease offers:

  • Noise reduction property
  • Low coefficient of friction and low wear in different material combinations (e.g., plastic/plastic, plastic/metal, metal/metal)
  • Zero oil-bleeding

Globally available, MOLYKOTE® G-1079 Grease is optimized for actuators. With a service temperature range of -40 to 130°C, the grease can be used for lubrication in wide variety of actuators in different industries, including automotive, imaging and industrial.

Polyalphaolefin-based MOLYKOTE® G-1079 Grease works well in sliding contact with fast movement/high loads and slow movement/low loads.

Meeting market needs and trends toward NVH, energy savings

Managing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) has been important to improving users’ comfort in various industries. MOLYKOTE® G-1079 Grease provides reduced noise and excellent lubrication, and it also helps save energy for the electrified vehicles of the future.

Molykote Grease

A grease for various actuator applications

Automotive electrification

  • Power seats
  • Power rear doors
  • Sunroofs
  • Sunshades

Appliances and healthcare

  • Air conditioners
  • Floor-mopping robots
  • Nursing beds
  • Electric wheelchairs

Typical properties

Specification writers: These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications. Please contact your local MOLYKOTE® sales representative prior to writing specifications on this product.

Molykote Properties

Product features and benefits


  • Optimized formulation to achieve low coefficient of friction and low wear with different material combinations
  • Excellent noise reduction property for NVH-focused applications
  • Zero oil-bleeding

Benefits to customers

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Noise reduction property
  • Low-temperature torque
  • Compatible with most plastics
  • Global availability

We are your technical partner.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about the possibilities for your industrial application, please complete the contact form and one of our experts will be in touch.

If you have a problem with industrial adhesives, sealants, lubricants or electronic protection products and require advice, you can contact our technical support service. Our team can help you to optimize your processes and applications.

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